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In astrology as well as in numerology, the dates indicate the planets. However, numerologists have discovered something relevant and exciting. They found that if numbers and planets were interconnected, each number would have to carry the relative energies of the respective planet.

Studies went on to show that any magic number with a specific amount of energy represented the characteristics of a being. These features have been helpful in defining a person's powerful and weak areas.

Numerology is a science of numbers, a method and a self-help tool. It is a way to gain more insights and understanding into our inner being. It describes the cycle we experience in our lives and offers guidance in career, love and prosperity.

Everything during this universe has its own vibration. Calculating the field of study of a person's name and date of birth helps pinpoint the main frequencies of that person. Each alphabet of the name has a certain value and the total sum of this value should be in harmony with your date of birth to have a happy life. If your name produces powerful and strong numerical values ​​compatible with your date of birth, it would lead to a powerful and strong internal vibration or it could lead to the destruction of external relationships as a cascade effect.

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