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Palmistry is said to have migrated from India to other countries such as Greece, Egypt, Persia and Syria in ancient times. Samudra, divinity of the Seas first gave this knowledge to the world, so this is it called 'Samudrika'. Sages such as Narada, Valmiki, Garga, Bhrigu, Prahlada and astrologers like Varahamihira have done a lot of work in palmistry. Palmistry has been discussed in great books such as "Bhavishya Puranam" and "Hasta Sanjeevani". But somehow palmistry could not receive adequately attention in India in modern times. It is held in high regard in Westerns countries. Made me feel the need to say something about palmistry, which is a judgment made on conditions, inclinations and fortunes of men and women, by their various lines and characters that Nature has imprinted in the hands says Aristotle in one of his writings in 350 BC. Today palmistry has completely turned into a science, due to the extensive research carried out by the intelligentsia. Palmistry is a science for understanding the past, Present and future of a person with the pads and lines of a palm.

Palmistry relives its foundations on the experiments conducted by Desbarrolles and d'Arpentigny in the 19th century. They made a living palmistry study collecting the handprints of thousands of people and classifying them according to the nature of the people e events that happened in their life. Then a hypothesis was developed and verified with the support of further research.

Each hand is unique and reflects the nature of the person. the pads or mounts of the hand show the strengths and weaknesses in the personality. The marks and lines in the hand describe a vivid image of the events that happen in his life. But these marks and lines can they change from time to time according to the planetary energies that vary from time to time. By carefully examining all of these factors, we he can judge what the person is and what he has in store.

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