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Reiki Healer

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique to purify and channel the Prana (life energy) in our Pranayama Kosha. Nowadays, Reiki is also used therapeutically to cure some physical or psychological ailments. There are also many other forms of healing techniques, known by different names, but having the same purpose, to heal our body-mind-spirit with the help of the Universal Prana.

The basic understanding of healing is that we all have Prana flowing through our bodies through nadis and chakras, to keep our physical body alive. When that Prana leaves our body, we are dead! When that same Prana is low in quantity / quality, we are low in energy or vice versa. When this Prana does not flow well in our Prana bodies, it deprives the life force in that particular area of ​​the body and will cause physical and psychological disturbances associated with that area of ​​the body. So what a healer does is channel the Universal Prana, which is in abundance in that particular area if it is any medical condition.

Reiki is also widely used as an alternative to massage, to reduce stress and to induce relaxation. We have seen many cases of people suffering from anxiety, insomnia, fatigue who manage to find Reiki very useful to deal with the daily stress of our hectic life in modern times. There are also claims from healers and healers about curing chronic diseases with several Reiki sessions, along with diet and lifestyle changes.

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